Melbourne in Timelapse

At the start of the year I set out to do a project where I'd shoot a timelapse feature video of 12 cities this year, one each month. Part way through the month as the hours piled on, I realised just how much time this was going to take! Despite this, I spent the month shooting, experimenting and editing, and somehow finished with the month's project completed.

Some notes about shooting:

  • This video is made up of a total of 48 clips
  • 46 of these were shot with a Canon 5D mk2
  • 2  are shot on an iPhone 4s (including 1 timelapse) 
  • footage was edited from about 14,000 frames of time-lapse
  • everything was shot between 31 Dec 2011 to 18 Jan 2012
  • more hours were spent editing the footage than I care to work out!

The locations scene in this are all around central Melbourne, including Southbank, the Barracks and St Kilda. Some of the landmarks that can be seen include Flinders Street Station, Federation Square, The Rialto, Luna Park, the MCG, Tennis Center and St Kilda Beach. 

The music is made from a mix of loops on Garageband - not really my preferred solution, but in the absence of someone to compose music, and being able to find something suitable I had to make do! Yet another learning experience!. 

Special thanks to my friends Smiley Matt and Carolina who helped out a lot, not least by providing shelter for an extended stay in Melbourne!