Tokyo in Timelapse


When I was setting out my plans for 2012, I had Osaka slotted in for February, and Tokyo for March. In between then and now, I realized that the CP+ Camera Show was on in Yokohama near Tokyo, so rearranged my schedule and headed to Tokyo first. 

One thing I didn't quite take into account was just how cold it was going to be in Japan during February. After several years of not experiencing winter it came as a bit of a shock to the system!

This month's time lapse is from Tokyo. It shows scenes from around the city, including one of my favourite landmarks, the Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa. It also has a lot of trains, including footage from a driverless system that makes its way around the port area: the Yurikamome Line. This train allows you to sit right up at the front window and get an incredible view of Tokyo Bay along the way. 

All footage is shot with the Canon 5D Mk2 - altogether I shot about 14,000 frames of timelapse this month, and the video is an edited selection of this! 

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Music: "90s Break" by BrunoXe licenced under creative commons

EDIT (to answer some common questions about shooting...):

Many of the scenes are shot with long exposures to give quite smooth motion effects - usually 1 to 1.5seconds.

I travel as light as possible, so the equipment used is only filters, camera and lenses, a tripod and remote timelapse trigger. All the motion effects are either the camera itself moving such as on escalators or in the train, or through progressive digital crops using donationware software LR timelapse, lightroom and assembled in Quicktime. 

There is one scene towards the end with physical motion towards the temple - this is done by physically moving the camera each shot with about 10 second intervals to adjust and line up the composition and a lot of stabilisation with Adobe After Effects. 

Thanks very much for all the positive comments! I'm glad many people enjoyed the video!